Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Instructions For Travel Slaves

While Mistress is traveling, you may serve Her in a session basis; in which case you'll be required to provide a venue for the session, (i.e. hotel room or hired dungeon); and/or as a travel slave. A travel slave has specific responsibilities as described below:
Visiting Venice
  • Provide adequate accommodation for Mistress; a guest room in your home (if you live alone and in a convenient location) or a hotel room 4 stars or higher.
  • Accompany Mistress to tourist attractions in your town. Be prepared with a list of places of interest, ideally with pamphlets so Mistress can choose where you'll take Her.
  • Pamper Mistress while She visits (see Worship for more information on how to pamper your Goddess)
  • Obviously serve domestically, as a driver and interpreter (in case Mistress does not speak your local language).
  • Show Mistress a bit of your culture; be Her travel guide. Share local traditions, peculiarities, local cuisine.

"If you want to be my travel slave, I'd be your "owner" for the duration of my visit. I know you probably have work commitments, and I am very independent so I could spend some time on my own. But I'd expect your free time during my visit to be spent with me while I control your every move. It you show good behaviour, I will reward you in a more intimate BDSM play. If you are bad... then I might have to punish you, even if only lightly. It can be very interesting to have someone dominate you for a whole week... Have you ever done it?

"Do you have the courage to submit to me in this way? Do you think you can handle it..."


Mistress is very demanding, but She understands limitations (public displays of dominance require discretion.) Still, She expects to be treated like a goddess at all times. That means, you will have to obey and follow Her directions at all times. Mistress is very reasonable; She won't ask you to do outrageous tasks. Therefore, the ones She does ask must be performed to perfection or the best of your ability.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Rules of Engagement

1. Mistress knows best.
2. Know yourself and express yourself.
3. Know your place.

1.  Mistress Knows Best.

With more than ten years experience in the scene, I can confidently say that as far as my relationships go, i know what I'm doing. So if you don't agree with my rules, find someone else to serve. I also accept that I'm always growing and will adjust these rules as life's lessons show me new light. That is my privilege as dominant.

2. Know yourself and express yourself.

I've done loads of soul searching. So should you. Before approaching me with offering yourself, look inwards. What are your motivations for serving a mistress? What do you expect to gain from this relationship? What do you have to offer? What level of commitment do you seek?
Answer these questions on your application to serve. Should your application be accepted, your answers will benchmark your growth. You will be expected to re-evaluate your expectations from time to time, so be aware this is an ongoing process and integral part of your development.

3. Know your place.

I lead a very diverse life. I work as a pro-domme in order to spread my dominant energy with as many submissives as I can. I do not want a personal slave or submissive boyfriend. The best way to serve me is in a session. That is when you will get me at my best. If you want to serve outside sessions as well, DO NOT EXPECT TO GET PLAY IN RETURN. Play is for sessions. Please, do not delude yourself. It is natural to admire and adore your Mistress, but DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH ME. I do not do romantic relationships. As a slave, your duty is to serve me, not complicate my life.

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