Wednesday 17 May 2017

Top 10 Rules for How to Contact a Mistress

1. Use A Formal, Polite And Subservient Tone. 
If you haven't met Mistress, you won't know her style. She might be friendly and casual or strict and unforgiving. By using a formal tone you cover all bases. Most mistresses like to be treated like queens. Do you want her to feel strong and powerful when she reads your message? Then show your humility, politeness and submission with your words. It will start the interaction on the right foot.

2. Avoid Profanity
Would you say the “F” word to your doctor or in a business meeting or even better, if you met one of the royals? Of course not. Use the same attitude here. Mistress may eventually do very naughty things to you in the dungeon, but the first contact should be like a first date. Be on your best behavior.

3. Be Concise:  Get To The Point.
Because there are always more sub males than femme dommes, mistresses often receive loads of emails from prospective subs. This means we're busy, so don't waste our time with the story of your life in the first email you ever send.  Why are you contacting Mistress? Do you want a session? Do you wish to do domestic servitude? Or are you just offering adoring compliments? Whatever the case, be brief. Say What you want using a small amount of words while still being polite and humble of course!

4. Be Precise And Inclusive.
While it's good to keep your first message rather short (Max. 10-15 sentences) omitting important information will only mean Mistress needs to reply with more questions. That takes time and will delay your interaction. A few tips on what you should ALWAYS include in a first message to Mistress. A) Your name. How will Mistress set you apart from a 1000 other slaves? Do you think she'll remember your email address? Find a catchy way to call yourself. No need to use your real name but "naughty boy" is too vague. B) Your location or Where you'll travel. Many mistresses travel a lot, so don't assume she's currently where her ad says she's from. C) Your fetish interests. Write a basic short list of what you like or think you might like (if you're still new to this). D) Your request. What do you want? Explain it briefly.
Do you want Mistress to smile when she reads your message? Then follow the RULES!
Do you want Mistress to smile when she reads your message? Then follow the RULES!

5. Don't Be Manipulative.

In your fantasies, you may like to act like a brat or naughty slave. Or you may enjoy being humiliated and insulted. But these attitudes should be saved for the dungeon only. Acting up or being "annoying" in the hope that Mistress will get angry and humiliate you via email is manipulation. Experienced dommes can recognise this ruse from miles away. Yes she might get annoyed, but that will probably backfire in her ignoring your message or worse: labeling you as a "time waster" and telling all her domme friends to blacklist you too.

6. A Photo Of Your Penis Says "I'm A Dick".
As much as most males have a fascination with female nudity, the opposite is not true. Most women don't want to see your manhood before getting to know you. A Mistress will rarely care what your appendage looks like. Even if your fantasy is "small cock humiliation" it still doesn't matter. Your private parts should be kept private until Mistress asks to see them (that goes for your butt as well).

7. DO Your Homework.
Before asking Mistress a hundred questions, read her website and blogs. If you want a session, check her fetish interests. Your answer may already be there and this will again streamline your contact with Her. Also, some mistresses spend a lot of time writing so showing that you've the spent time to read what she's all about is also a sign of respect and that your intentions are more than just seeking attention.

8. Avoid Ping Pong Messages.
After reading Mistress's profile, website and blogs, you may still have questions. That is fine, but put all your questions in one message. Back and forth one liner messaging is so annoying.

9. Language, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling.
Google Translate is a fabulous tool: USE IT!
Most email programs have a spell check. USE IT!
If you did your homework, you will know what language Mistress likes to use for contact. For example, I speak English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, but my preferred language for contact is English. You should be working hard to contact me, not the other way around.
Even better, if grammar is not your strength, write your message on a word document so it can catch your run on sentences and confusing grammar. If a Mistress has to decode your message because you have poor language skills, she may see that as a sign of your laziness. Also, poor use of grammar means it will be harder for her to understand what you want. If your message is too much effort, Mistress might ignore you.

10. Express Yourself.
Even with all these rules, there's still space to be yourself. Mistresses like subservient, polite and well spoken subs, but we don't want robots (well, maybe for a sci-fi scene yes, but not all the time!). So find a way to show a bit of your personality. What's special about you? No need to write your life story, but a little bit can go a long way! Be Creative!
To guide you, here is one example of a bad message and How to fix it. If I have the time, I will add other bad messages on the comments and how to improve them.


Hey babe/sexy/honey Can we chat sometime? Ur so hot! Your pics make me hard can i be your slave?

Dear Mistress,
I'm very impressed with your photos and profile. You are so stunning and dominant. I live in [city, country]. Do you ever visit here? I'm interested in [fetish list] and  would love to serve as your slave. It would be an honor to talk with you further. What is the most convenient time for you, Goddess?
Patiently awaiting your instructions,
slave ”paddywack” from London

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