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My Favourite Kinks- Part 1

“Mistress, what sort of things do you do in a session?”

New subs often ask me that question and although up until now I have sent them to my website,  but I’ve been meaning to go into more  detail about them for some time… What are these fetishes and kink activities and why do I love them so much? A dictionary would do an adequate job of explaining the «what», but unfortunately in such a dry manner that it’s hard to understand the “why”. So, without much further ado, here are a few of my favourite kinks!

1).  Body Worship: Most submissive males approach a Mistress in awe of Her superiority, Her beauty, and Her grace. A common desire in offering their submission is to worship Her as a Goddess. In the vanilla world, “worship” is usually connected to religion and prayer, and in modern religions prayer is not quite a physical activity, so this term can be confusing for new subs. However, in many pagan and other pre-Christian traditions, the physical body was used to connect to the divine. Many religious rites used to involve sexual interaction and dance. When I think of body worship, I try to bring back some of those ancient rituals. I see myself as a priestess, embodying a Goddess during sessions. My subs are serving not just me, but the essence of feminine power. This doesn’t have to become a religious rite and in fact many of my subs are atheists. Body worship is a ritual of praise for the feminine form. Each sub will feel a stronger connection and turn on from different parts of my body. Some will focus on my feet (read more about this further down). Others are intoxicated by kissing and licking my legs or bottom. While some prefer to be smothered between my breasts, others prefer to show their adoration by combing or caressing my long hair. Many of my devoted pets like a mixture of all of this as it’s not just the body part they adore, but myself as a whole, as the essence of Goddess. So aside from the usual kisses and licks that are commonly referred as “body worship”, a full body massage, or indulging me in a hot bath, or smelling me head-to-toe are all forms of worship; as is any form of pampering that celebrates beauty and femininity.

The key ingredient for a pleasurable worship session is the sub’s passion for it rather than the activity itself. A sub must kiss and touch my legs as if his life depended on it; showing me his affection, holding my feet lovingly, and memorizing my sensitive spots to send shivers down my spine with his devoted touch.

2).  Bondage and restraint: In spite of knowing quite a lot about bondage, I will admit that I am not a traditional Shibari/Kinbaku Mistress. Yes, I can tie you up and we can have a lot of fun restraining you, but the art of Shibari deserves years of training and dedication. When I began my journey, I wanted to explore a multitude of kinky crafts rather than focusing all my time on one modality. For this reason, I approach rope play from a playful and practical angle. I also know that the majority of bottoms enjoy the removal of control that bondage provides. To struggle and writhe against the restraints (particularly when combined with pain play) allows the submissive to truly feel that they are being held “against their will”, thus enhancing their sense of helplessness in the role-play.

3).  CBT: Cock and Ball Torture may go by a scary name but it doesn’t necessarily need be. Torture, like “play” is a word with wide berth in BDSM. Some play can be painful and some torture can be FUN! It does depend on the receiver’s pain tolerance and general sensitivity in the crotch area. I like to start torture on the mild side of the scale and gradually build it up riding the coattails of my sub’s reactions. And while some men mercy at a scratch and mild pat on the balls, others take blows that may injure the kicker, yours truly. That was the funniest emergency room conversation…

4).  Candle wax/Ice and other hot-cold games: Candles have different melting temperatures, some burn lower, leaving nothing but a small sting; while others burn high enough that one may feel an intense burning sensation for a brief moment. Little drops of intensity, splattered slowly or rhythmically across exposed skin. A deep sigh and the pain is gone. Then ice. Sharp. Piercing. Which one comes next? It’s all at whim of Mistress

5).  Corporal punishment (from light spanking to heavy caning): I could write a book about the joys of “corporal”, “discipline” or any of the many names we give to impact play. A whole chapter would be dedicated to praising textures, how they feel on bare skin. A smooth cane stings sharp. But soft thick leather gives a thud – like a punch. So many nuances to experience! Most people find their favourite sensations, stinging vs. thuddy. I love to bring them that skin pleasure.

The pain can also release the mind and give it rest from the incessant beating of thoughts. Each stroke of the whip cleanses the submissive, the pain helps them surrender, and how I love to see them writhe and wiggle, moan and yelp… Their reactions feed my inner sadist. Stroke by stroke we move together, riding the energy that pain play exalts, in the dance of SM.

6).  Cross-Dressing and Forced Feminization: Many naughty boys have dreamed of wearing their sister’s fluffy dresses, or the babysitter’s soft scarf… We can go beyond where the dream couldn’t take you and transform little boys into sweet, adorable sissies. Or into hot horny sluts, or many fun characters in between. It’s time to dress up, put on your make up and have a party with Mistress. Some might need more than encouragement- the really shy ones, need to be pushed, bullied and coerced into expressing their more feminine self. Hmmm… so many games, so much fun to be had…

7).  Domestic services (maid training): There is one very special type of sissy, and that is the sissy maid. Not only does she get trained to be girly and slutty, this one must also learn to clean according to Mistress’ high standards. She may have typical household chores, such as scrubbing the floor while making sure to expose her delightful derriere for Mistress’ entertainment. She might have to polish Mistress’ leather shoes or her vast collection of whips. And we may need to test each one to see whether they have been well-softened by the polish. Or when a maid is particularly pretty, I may send her around the block to walk the kitty-cat. Hmmm… That will take a while. I wonder what the neighbors will think.

8).  Face-sitting: It’s so hard being a Mistress… All these tight corsets and vertiginously high heels. Sometimes Mistress just needs a rest. All she needs is a soft warm seat, to relax her ample bottom. A seat that might vibrate with humming. A still, tied up seat which needs little air so Mistress can really relax. Or maybe a moving seat like the massage chairs on a nail parlor, or a mechanical bull in the country fair. All this I can get from my seat made of man, a piece of meat. My Meat Seat.

9).  Foot / Boot / Shoe worship & Trampling: Although I started this entry in the “body worship” section, feet and shoes deserve their own category. The feet have long been known to represent the entire body. Reflexology is the ancient art of mapping the feet such that different areas represent specific parts of the body. So by worshiping Mistress’s feet, subs are worshiping all of my body. I have strong and very responsive feet. A good foot massage is pure heaven for me.

A fetish that usually goes hand-in-hand with foot fetish is trampling. Many foot-lovers enjoy being underneath them, feeling crushed like a bug. The sensation of being walked on is not as painful as one might think- after all many Asian massage parlous offer “walking on the back”. Of course, recipients (or mats, as I call them) will have to be strong to withstand the weight of 6-foot (180m) tall Amazonian Goddess Kalyss. Hey, another benefit for mats - the ordeal makes you stronger. And for me, I get to stretch my feet on a soft “meat mat” and practice my yoga balance. So challenges for the both of us, playful and fun!

Finally, one cannot forget our precious objects of desire, the curves of our dreamy high heeled shoes. There is always more room for gorgeous shoes & boots in Mistress’ wardrobe and room for shoe fetishists whose adoration is for Mistress’ vanity. We both love all that shiny glossy patent leather; all those straps, like bondage for the feet; encasings in diamonds and sparkly decorations, or buckles and spikes for evil-gelical boots. The shapes are so erotic, sharp, smooth and shiny. Heck, it’s a chemistry thing. When we see the shoe, we bond. There is no better explanation.

Part 2: From Golden Showers to Tickling

Disclaimer: All activities are performed under strict safety guidelines, always with the use of safewords and other methods to maintain a consensual scene. Any references to “forced” or apparently non-consensual behavior are all within the pre-negotiated role play for the scene.

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