Thursday 16 November 2017

Domina Confessions 2: Escaping Perfectionism

New Video on Youtube!

Why do we strive for perfection all the time? I have been a victim of perfectionism all my life, from wanting to get 110% on all my high school exams, to recently not sharing photos or videos because I didn't have the right editing to showcase an idealised image of The Mistress.

But recently, I have had ENOUGH! Striving for the final 10% in that 100% of perfection is a waste of time!!! Getting paranoid about whether we are perfect enough to be "liked" by others drains our energy. Instead, I suggest to try your best, but accept that there will always be others who do better in one thing or another. Competition can be fun, but not an obsession. In striving to be perfect, be forget to be REAL. Connecting and serving one another is just so much deeper and more fulfilling. I am stepping down from the pedestal. It's too lonely up there! :-D

Real Kink for real people!


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